New Year Same Me

As the new year is approaching, I’m tempted to start making all these goals and resolutions for 2021 just as I am every new year. But just like most people, those new year “resolutions” rarely hold through for very long.

This year some of us barely survived and that is okay! Sometimes, unmet goals can leave me feeling discouraged or even give me anxiety so I’m not trying to do that to myself in a year that did not turn out in any way that I expected.

So in 2021, rather than focusing on adding new goals to my list, I want to focus on maintaining the things I felt I was doing right in 2020.

Like everyone else, 2020 was a year of slowing down for our family. We were able to not be so busy for once and it has been great. That’s definitely something I want to hold onto for 2021. My girls and I were able to do so many fun crafts together, go on so many walks, read so many books, spend so much more time doing devotionals together during the day, and as a family we were able to have so many more family dinners. These are some things that I want to maintain.

So this year, my resolutions will be simple.

Keep reading books with my girls

We read books like The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, some of Charlotte’s Web, a few Ivy and Jane series books, The Velveteen Rabbit, Frog and Toad books, and so many more! We’ve recently started reading Matilda and they love it. I have absolutely loved reading all of these chapter books with my girls. It’s so fun watching their eyes light up and seeing them get so excited the first time they hear a great story. Some books that I want to read with my girls this year are The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, more Ivy and Jane books, finish Charlotte’s Web, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, finish Matilda, The Borrower’s, Peter Pan, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and so many more! I want my girls to learn that reading is so special and can take you to entirely new places and new adventures.

Keep doing devotionals and memorizing scriptures with my girls

I won’t say that we will do devotionals everyday, because let’s be real sometimes that won’t happen. But we did do a pretty good job at doing our devotionals together at breakfast time and the girls have grown to love this time. They look forward to it. I try to keep it simple and short and we usually follow up with a short scripture for them to memorize for the week along with hand motions! Haha I definitely want to keep this up, because it not only helps them but it helps me as well.

Keep journaling for my mental health

I have been journaling pretty consistently for a few years now. Sometimes, I will journal every day and sometimes I will only journal once a week or once a month but whatever it may look like I want to keep journaling. Writing helps me to heal. It helps me to just get everything out, whether it’s writing down song lyrics or whether it’s writing out a situation that has annoyed me. Whatever it is, writing heals me and I desperately need to be healed from a lot of past traumas and to keep my anxiety under control.

Know that I am enough

I think most of all this should be my most important resolution. To know that even if I maintain zero of the things mentioned above, I am still enough. Sometimes, I have the tendency to compare myself to others and that can leave me feeling unaccomplished or incompetent.

But this year, I want to remind myself that these feelings are not true. The truth is that I am enough. I am a good enough mother and I am a good enough person. All I can do is my best and if I am doing my best, that is always enough.

What resolutions have you set for yourself or what do you plan to maintain into 2021?

14 thoughts on “New Year Same Me

    1. Thanks Megan! Haha yes, Iโ€™ll definitely fit that in somewhere in a blog post soon ๐Ÿ’› thanks for reading, it means so much!

    2. I love thinking in terms of “what is working and want to keep doing” as opposed to “these are all the new things that I should be doing”. I love to conquer new things, for sure, but with life having some difficulties, I need to focus on one day at a time. I love all of your consistent habits that you described in this post.

      1. Definitely didnโ€™t want to overwhelm myself with new goals in a year that was filled with so much anxiety. Thanks for reading Leanna ๐Ÿ’›

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