DIY Christmas card

The girls and I wanted to make some quick Christmas cards to give with the cookies we made yesterday. We got some scrap book pages from the library last week for a craft that we had leftover. We found the perfect way to use them! These scrap book page Christmas tree cards were simple to make and very easy for my 4 and 6 year old to help with. My 6 year old was able to do everything on her own with just minimal guidance from me and my 4 year old needed help gluing but had so much fun ripping up the book pages!


  • scrap book pages (if you don’t have book pages, you could also use newspaper pages, magazine pages, or any kind of scrap paper)
  • glue
  • cardstock
  • sequins

I did not have to buy anything to complete this craft. You can easily swap out materials if you don’t have exactly what I have on hand. I had these white cardstock card templates from a project we did a while back so they were perfect to use for this craft.

I believe I bought these from hobby lobby. You can use any kind of cardstock or construction paper to make your cards.

Our local library sets up crafts a couple of times a week to pick up outside. These scrap book pages were for a snowflake craft we did last week. We had some leftover and thought it would be perfect for these Christmas cards.

I had the girls tear the book pages into strips, this was my 4 year old’s favorite part! We did long strips, medium sized strips, and short strips.

Once we had enough strips, we arranged them into a tree shape to make sure we had the right sizes.

After we had our tree arranged, we were ready to glue the strips into place on the front part of the card.

This was the part that my 4 year old needed the most help with. My 6 year old was able to do this part on her own.

I think the cards look very nice and simple just like this, but my girls wanted to add color to their cards so we decided to use sequins as ornaments.

We have a lot of sequins from a few different projects we did over the summer. The girls love using it whenever we have the chance!

Can you find the cute 5 little toes in this picture?!

My 4 year old and I teamed up on this tree. I put the glue dots down and she placed the sequin ornaments on top!

We had some leftover star sprinkles from the cookies yesterday so the girls wanted to use them as stars on top of the tree!

The card on the left is the card that my 6 year old made all by herself!

We made a few of these, some plain and some with sequins. We still need to add a personalized message into each card. I think handmade Christmas cards add a nice touch to any gift! My girls had so much fun making these, I hope you enjoy this quick and easy craft to add to your Christmas gifts this year!

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    1. Haha! Right?! 🙈 We had these as scrap pages from a craft our library passed out! Can definitely still use magazines or catalog books too though!

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