A Christmas Time Devotional

The girls and I have been reading the Christmas story this past week. They shared a memory verse as well as some of their thoughts on what the birth of Jesus means to them with our bible talk group on Friday night. The memory verse that they shared was from Isaiah 9:6:

For to us a child is born,

    to us a son is given,

    and the government will be on his shoulders.

And he will be called

    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

It was beautiful hearing them share this verse and practice it all week! They did such a great job. The girls shared which name of Jesus they liked best and what it meant to them. I wanted to share what each of these names means to me and my journey with Christ.

Wonderful Counselor

A counselor is someone that we can turn to when we are in need of guidance. When we lost our son, I sought out a counselor because, at times, the grief was just too much for me to bear. My thoughts were too heavy for me to sort out on my own. My counselor helped me to untangle the web of thoughts, sort them out, and validate them. Jesus does the same for us, but in a much more powerful way. Yes, my counselor helped me to sort out the big feelings, but you know who gave me the strength to climb out of the dark hole that my grief had trapped me in? Jesus. He was the one who knew exactly what I needed to go through to get back up again. In my grief, I would often times think “Where are you?” I would scream out in anger “DON’T YOU SEE ME? DO YOU CARE?” and now looking back on those times, I see that Jesus was walking right beside me. He was guiding me through the whole time, crying with me, fighting for me, and seeking me out in every which way he could possibly reach me. He is the ultimate counselor and his word and love are powerful in guiding and influencing our lives.

Mighty God

My anxious self resonates with this name of Jesus most of all. It reminds me that I do not need to fear. Period. I have a mighty God who is on my side. A mighty God who is fighting for me. A mighty God who holds the world in his hands. And if he can hold the world, then he can hold each and every one of my moments too.

Everlasting Father

My Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is never changing. In a world full of chaos and uncertainty, he is the one constant. I feel like this is especially relevant this year. Man has this year been full of so many twists and turns. But God is not full of twists and turns. The world turns and God remains unchanged. It brings me peace knowing that when I am anxious over the constant changing, God hasn’t moved.

Prince of Peace

This is the name that resonated with my oldest daughter. As she explained to me what it meant to her, I noticed that she said she liked this name because she likes that Jesus brings peace, because when there is peace, nothing can go wrong. I got to thinking about this thought and it made me smile because I don’t really think she meant that nothing can go wrong. She knows that things can still go wrong even when we have Jesus in our lives, but I think she meant that even when things go wrong, we can still be at peace because we have Jesus. We can trust that he can keep us anchored in peace.

Every year during Christmas time, I always tell myself that I’m not going to forget that the whole reason we celebrate Christmas is because we want to remember the importance of Jesus’ birth. And every year I feel like I fail, BIG TIME!

But I’m grateful for the change of pace this year. I’m grateful that we have been able to slow down and spend so much time together as a family. And that I was able to do this little devotional on the names of Jesus and the Christmas story with my girls this week.

Which name of Jesus resonates with you the most this Christmas season?

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Time Devotional

  1. I would say that lately, it’s been Everlasting Father. I feel his consistent training and also his gentle love. I see how my hubby loves my boys and my heart overflows. It reminds me how much my Good Father loves me and cares for me.

    1. Thank you for sharing Leanna. I love that name too, it reminds me of his consistency with his presence in our lives. How beautiful that your boys have an amazing example of an earthly father to remind them just how much their Heavenly Father loves them too 💛

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