2020 Mountains and Valleys

As I’m typing this blog post, I am listening to the song “Graves into Gardens” by Brandon Lake and Elevation Worship. This song has been on repeat since we had our baby girl this past August. The lyrics ring so true for me.

“The God of the mountain is the God of the valley.”

I feel like this line is so relevant for 2020. Personally, some of this year has definitely been a valley. My anxiety has run rampant this whole year. Being pregnant after a pregnancy loss is no fun. It’s hard to enjoy pregnancy. Being pregnant after a loss, during a pandemic? Even worse.

But a lot of this year has also been a mountain for our family. Delivering our baby girl and bringing her safely into this world? Definitely a mountain. The highest mountain imaginable. I’m tearing up remembering that moment. I love this picture that my husband took after I had finally delivered her. The look on my face is a look of relief. Relief that she was finally here. Relief that my pregnancy was finally over. Relief that my baby was alive in my arms.

Another mountain? Spending so much quality time as a family. Sometimes as we’re sitting around the dinner table I often wonder if people could peak into our lives as we’re going around sharing our highs and lows for the day what kind of perception people would get of our family. Would they see me, still in my pajamas from the night before, and judge me? Would they see our girls disheveled hair and wonder why their mother doesn’t comb it? Would they see the sink full of dishes and laundry room overflowing with clothes that need to be put away? Or would they simply just see a happy family, living their lives in the best way possible. Two parents doing the best that they possibly could with their girls? I’d love to think the latter.

I’m grateful that this year our girls have been so resilient. That in a year full of uncertainty and a definite change of pace for them, they are still happy. They are still thriving. They are still trusting that their mom and dad are doing the best they possibly can, just as they always have. I’m grateful for all of the wonderful memories we have built at home. For the 28947482 forts we have built, for all of the books we have read, for our walks to the library and park, for our hikes, trips to the river, movie days, ice cream drives, dance parties, sing a longs, I could go on and on but you get the point. Because even in a year of uncertainty, we still have each other and that’s all that really matters.

On our church Facebook page, there was a post that was asking people to comment answered prayers from this year. And there were so many people who responded with answered prayers. It had me teary eyed reading them. Because despite the hardship this year, it’s obvious God is still working. God is still answering prayers, God is still sitting on his throne being God. He hasn’t changed. He is still the God of the mountains AND the God of the valleys. And that gives me so much hope. Hope that we will get through this difficult time. Hope that even though it may still be difficult in 2021, there will still be answered prayers. There will still be babies born, there will still be families spending time together, and there will still be mountaintops.

For our family, delivering our baby girl safely was an answered prayer this year. What prayers has God answered for you this year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

6 thoughts on “2020 Mountains and Valleys

  1. I love your perspective for 2020. It’s very easy to look at the heartaches. It’s important to see those answered prayers. One of my answered prayers during this time is my Luna 🌝 she has brought so much joy to our family.

  2. One of our answered prayers is bringing our smiley Logan into this world! 😍 Another one is Luke getting a work from home job. It’s been the best for family time-we have all loved it!!❤

    1. Thank you for commenting Leanna 💛 so grateful to have experienced pregnancy with you during this crazy time. God is so faithful. I’m so glad that Luke found a work from home job and you guys have had so much time together as a family, it is truly a blessing!

  3. Mountains and valleys are a great way to describe 2020. Jacob graduated in December from his Nurse Practitioner program. By March he had passed his certification assessments and had been offered a job to start May 1. Then came the Pandemic, where his current ICU became completely covid. He was working long stressful days. After putting in his 2 weeks notice, he was informed that the job he was supposed to be starting was put on hold due to Covid. For months he was told many different dates that it would begin and kept getting pushed back. In September he was interviewed for a different position and hired, and it was a way better working environment than the first job he was offered. He is now working as a nurse practitioner and loving it… almost a year after graduating, but looking back we see how God answered prayers for a job that would allow more time with family!
    I am thankful for all the Heath care workers who are working tirelessly to help our community in fighting covid.

    1. I love this! Thank you for sharing, Megan.

      How amazing it is to see God working through this time in your family. I’m so glad that Jacob was able to get a job that better suits family time. And you’re so right, the sacrifices of all healthcare workers during this time have been so inspiring to watch 💛

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