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My oldest just turned 5 and she loves mommy and me date time now more than ever. She has recently started asking for more mommy time. I think this past year she has really noticed how my time is so divided between her, her sister, and daddy. 

I try to utilize our time well, though sometimes it’s not so easy. In preparation for kindergarten next year, I’ve started weaning her from her nap time. I still make her lay down for a bit and have some quiet time to read books so I can at least have 30 minutes to myself during the day. (Otherwise, I might lose my sanity). But after that, we usually get good one on one time together. But in addition to this, we will try to go out on a mommy daughter date as well during the month. Here are some ideas of things that we do to make mami/Cami time (what we call it) special. 

Krispy Kreme’s 

My baby girl loves her some Krispy Kreme’s! Whenever we have special time together, no matter what we do she always asks if we can go to Krispy Kreme’s to end it off. So, I usually oblige. Best part is, if you don’t want to spend any money, go when the light is turned on and you can get a freshly made donut for free! One time, this was all our date consisted of and she loved it! She got one of those free little hats, we spent time talking about things she loved, taking pictures, and watching the donuts being made. She was amazed and I was amazed watching her. 

Frozen Yogurt 

This is another sweet treat my daughter loves. And something that I love too, of course. I think frozen yogurt is always a good idea. We have fun trying different toppings, laughing, and talking. Some frozen yogurt shops even have games there that you can play while you eat. 

Board Games

This is something we have incorporated recently and my daughter loves it! We found a new game called “busytown” at the thrift store a few weeks ago and it is her absolute favorite. She asks to play it with me during her sisters’ nap time almost every day. We also like to play go fish, dominoes, card matching games, candyland, chutes and ladders, etc. Now that she is old enough to understand the rules, she loves all kinds of board games. 


What kid doesn’t love the park? On our last date, we paired the park and the library. My daughter loved going to the park and playing with mommy. I ran around with her, slid down the slide, and chased her. She enjoyed the attention and when mommy was tired, she made a new friend to play tag with. 


We go to the library on a weekly basis in our household. And our library trips hold some of my most dear memories with my girls. But usually our library trips are filled with a few tantrums by my youngest daughter and lots of attention goes to helping her and making sure she doesn’t run off or disturb anyone’s quiet time in the library. My oldest knows how to navigate the computers already and knows where her favorite books are so she doesn’t get a lot of one on one attention when we go. So when I asked her if she wanted to go to the library on our last date she was so excited. It was a totally different world with just us two! We got to enjoy actual quiet time. We got to read books together and color. It was awesome and free! Some of the best memories are the quiet and simple ones. 


My daughter and I both love going to thrift stores. One Saturday, we utilized our time and went to the thrift store while daddy stayed at home with little sissy during her nap time. It was such a special time. I remember going to thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets with my mom when i was a little girl. It was so much fun and I grew to love it. I love that my daughter is starting to enjoy this with me too. I love that I have not one but two daughters that I hope to enjoy this with as they get older. 

And sometimes one on one time with your child doesn’t need to be anything special, or anything even planned. I think it really comes down to utilizing your time well. My daughter and I have done this not only with the thrift store but even with grocery shopping! Did you know that when you go to the store with just one older, well behaved child, it can actually be enjoyable??!! Who knew??! It’s such a different world only being responsible for one kid at the store. And when that kid is awesome and your best friend anyway, it’s a breeze. When we get this chance we still see it as a little date. I tell her “yay! It’s just Mami and Cami time!” And she already knows the phrase, she’ll repeat it “Mami and Cami time” with a huge smile and a giddiness that is indescribable. 

I love making my girl feel special and I hope that we continue to build these special memories throughout her childhood. I pray that it is setting up a bond with her in which she feels loved and secure in her relationship with me. Both my husband and I try to get one on one dates with her as often as we can. And it’s something we’ll start doing with our youngest daughter too, probably when she turns 3! 


25 thoughts on “Mommy and Me Date Ideas

  1. These are such great ideas! I’m pregnant with my first, we just found out it’s a girl! I cannot wait to do fun stuff with her like this:)

  2. My daughter is an only child so I guess everyday is mommy/daughter day! We would have loved more children but were blessed to have her after years of struggle. I am encouraging my husband to begin doing daddy/daughter dates and I love these ideas. My daughter has also begun to love board games. We have a closet full!

    1. Daddy/daughter dates are so special! And yes our daughter is loving board games at this age! We have so much fun playing with her!

  3. My daughter loves it it if I will take her shopping at Hobby Lobby or the Dollar Tree. For some reason it completely makes her day to spend hours there.

    1. That’s awesome! My daughter loves dollar tree as well. It’s an easy place to take her because if she does want something then its only $1 so I usually oblige!

  4. These are some fun ideas! My daughter is only 2, so mommy and me dates consist of mostly going to the indoor play area at the mall or playground lol! I can’t wait to do more with her!

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