5 essentials for a functional entryway


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When we moved into our home, I knew the one thing that I needed to create in our space was an entryway. I love functionality in a home, and an entryway serves that specific purpose.

We have lived in our small home for 4 years now and I just now feel that our entryway is serving its functional purpose. It took me a while to figure it out! Haha but now when we walk into our home, everything doesn’t end up on our kitchen table.

We live in a small home. Our home doesn’t have some grand entryway, in fact it doesn’t even have an entryway! Our door immediately opens up into our living area. But we do have two adjacent walls that I use as our “command” area and entryway.

This is along the entryway wall. As you walk in the door, this will be on your right side. P.S. if you look closely you can see how the bottom of our bench needs repairs!
This wall is to to the left of our door as you walk in.

It makes my life so much easier to have an entryway that is actually functional and doesn’t just look pretty. So I’ve come up with the 5 essentials to an entryway that will make your life easier and your home more organized.

Seating Area

Having a seating area makes life with kids so much easier. It provides them with a place to unload. Whether it’s taking shoes off, waiting until everyone is ready to walk out the door, a place to take a breath for a minute as you walk in the door and get ready to unload the rest of the groceries. Whatever it is, a seating area is an essential entryway piece. We have an antique bench that I found at a thrift store for $15, it needs to be repaired but for now it serves its purpose as a place for my little one to sit and wait while everyone gets ready to walk out the door.

I absolutely love this cute and simple farmhouse bench that would fit great in any space!


But if you are looking for functionality, a cute tufted bench with storage is also a great choice. It provides the seating you are looking for as well as an extra space to put shoes, bags, coats, etc.


Everyone loves to take one last look at themselves before they head out that door. So that is why I added a mirror to this list.

I absolutely love mirrors and I think it is fun to be creative with them.

Adding a unique mirror can add so much character to a space.

Storage Basket

I recently added a storage basket to our entryway and let me tell you the lifesaver that it has been! Oh my goodness! My family likes to take off their shoes the moment they walk into the door….and leave them there! I found that our living room floor was constantly covered in shoes. And our closets were empty because our shoes had found a new home. So in order to solve this problem, I bought a storage basket so that we could place our shoes in the basket instead of on the floor. And it has worked perfectly! Whenever the basket gets too full with shoes I will empty it out and place the shoes in their rightful closet homes. But this has been such a great addition that I don’t know how we lived without it!


Hook Station  

Another lifesaver right there. I can’t tell you how many times I lost my keys before I had a designated place to put them. Anyone else? Now, as soon as I walk in the door, I hang my keys and purse on their hooks. I love it and makes it so much easier when I am walking out the door. It’s also great for coats and scarves during winter.

In case you missed my DIY hook station blog post, be sure to check it out. It was super simple to make and I love how useful it is in our home.

If you’re not big on DIY, this is a simple yet durable hook station I found on Amazon

Wall Décor

Yes an entryway’s sole purpose should be for functionality but I mean come on, who doesn’t want it to look cute too, right? So after you’ve figured out your essentials, you can figure out the look and feel that you want your entryway to have.

I had been wanting to add some greenery in our home to add more of a farmhouse feel. I thought the hanging wall planters was a fun way to do this. I found a few similar ones on Amazon that I thought were unique and not to mention budget friendly.

I hope adding some of these essentials to your entryway will help to make your space more functional and organized. What are some things that you add to your space to make your coming and going easier?

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  1. All really great tips. I good entryway is important! We usually come in through our garage, which opens into our living room, so this has been a struggle for me. I’m hoping to figure something functional out this year though!

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