DIY Halloween Teacher Appreciation Gift

Our oldest started a 2 day a week preschool program this fall, so as you can imagine we are experiencing a full round of firsts this year.

It’s her first time being away from me during the day for more than a couple of hours in the care of someone other than family. Her first time eating lunch away from mama. The first time she tries to take a nap somewhere else other than home without mama there. And her first time making friends on her own.

Like I said, a lot of firsts. And even though it is hard for me to drop my baby off to be away from me for the day, I know that all of these firsts are GOOD! And she is growing more independent and learning new things.

Another first is getting daily reports about how my babe is doing at school while she is away from me. Her teachers are amazing and so sweet. I know it is not an easy task to take care of 1 preschooler, let alone a class full of 15 at a time.

So as the holiday season rolls around, I thought it would be a nice idea to make a small Halloween appreciation gift for her 2 teachers.

I wanted to do something simple, cute, and affordable for them. All of the supplies for this project were found at my local HEB plus grocery store. HEB is AMAZING, and something that makes it even more amazing is that they work with companies that sell products that are purposeful, like Global Purpose.

Global Purpose is a company owned and operated by Kaylynn and Jon Jordan. It was founded as a social enterprise with the idea to connect purchases and positive change in real sustainable ways. They do this by providing education and income opportunities for people living in vulnerable communities.

For this project, I used these cute little bags which are a part of Global Purpose’s Help One Now Classroom campaign.

Global Purpose Help One Now Giving Bag

As I learned about this campaign, it AMAZED me that such a small purchase could have such a huge and lasting impact on so many lives. Because, the purchase of one of these giving bags helps provide fare wages and training for 50 teachers at 4 schools across Haiti, and 16 teachers in rural Uganda. Together, these teachers are changing the lives of 2,000 students each school year!

So when Global Purpose offered to send me these giving bags, I thought that it was so appropriate to use them to make a small appreciation gift for her teachers. Not only would her teachers here in our small part of Texas feel appreciated, but teachers across the globe would benefit as well!

For this DIY project, I needed very few supplies. Aside from my giving bag, I purchased a bundle of fall flowers and 2 very cute stemless wine glasses that I found at HEB.

I thought the wine glasses were perfect for her teachers, the sketch of Texas with a heart around our city is so cute and it fit perfectly inside the giving bag.

I could have just put the glasses in the bag with some tissue paper inside and called it a day, but I wanted to go one step further. As I was passing the floral section at HEB, I came across a bundle of fresh fall flowers. The colors were so beautiful and I knew they would really pop and look great against the giving bag colors. And what woman doesn’t love flowers?!

I am no florist, but I did my best to come up with a neat, simple arrangement. First, I  cut the flowers to the height of the glass. Then, I put them together in a bundle with the colors I thought looked nice! I love how they came out!


Since Halloween is coming up, I also wanted to add a cute little tag line to go along with it as a card. So I created a simple printable which you can find here. 

Click the link in this post for access to this free printable!


Here are some photos of the finished project, I love how simple and easy this was. It honestly took me longer to write this blog post than it did to complete this project! Haha

I love how it looks like the flowers are coming out of the bag!

How the arrangement looked outside of the bag, so simple and cute!



After I tied the card to it!

This is a cute and simple little DIY craft that you can do for anyone. I think it would even make a great birthday gift, with maybe a gift card added inside?

Global Purpose has different styles and patterns of these giving bags, and they are each just as cute! They are available at HEB stores across Texas. If you are near one be sure to drop by and pick one up to contribute to a great, purposeful cause.

Amanda Elize ♥

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