5 Psalms That Teach You About God’s Greatness

So my post from a couple weeks ago on 3 Must Read Psalms on Trusting God, did extremely well on my blog. I got great feedback from people. So I decided to do another post on other amazing scriptures you can find throughout the book of Psalms.

Last week was a whirlwind of emotions. My dad went in for a procedure on his heart to see if he needed to have a stint put in. The doctor was sure that he had blockage but just wasn’t sure how much he had. So we went in thinking that the worst case scenario would be he needed to have 1 or 2 stints put in.

Well, boy were we wrong. The doctor found that my dad had 3 arteries blocked. Two of these arteries were blocked at 90% and one of them was completely blocked. The doctor said that a stint would not be the route to go and that my dad would need bypass surgery. So many emotions were running through my mind as I heard the doctor describing the procedure that would need to be done on my dad.

In the midst of this scary news, there was also something that stood out to me and my family. The doctor explained that the artery that was completely blocked actually created its own bypass in my dad’s heart, and helped him to not have an immediate heart attack. This amazed us! He said that the body is smart and knows when something is wrong and does its best to fix itself.

As he was saying this, I couldn’t help but become awestruck at God’s greatness. His perfect design of the human body amazes me. He knows exactly what he is doing, all of the time.

So this week I have been dwelling on God’s greatness. Here are some scriptures that remind me just how wonderful he truly is.


Psalm 147: 3-5

3 He heals the brokenhearted

and binds up their wounds.

4 He determines the number of the stars

and calls them each by name.

5 Great is our Lord and mighty in power;

his understanding has no limit.


Psalm 33: 13-15

13 From heaven the Lord looks down

and sees all mankind;

14 from his dwelling place he watches

all who live on earth—

15 he who forms the hearts of all,

who considers everything they do.

Psalm 8: 3-4

3 When I consider your heavens,

the work of your fingers,

the moon and the stars,

which you have set in place,

4 what is mankind that you are mindful of them,

human beings that you care for them?’

Psalm 104: 3b-9

He makes the clouds his chariot

and rides on the wings of the wind.

4 He makes winds his messengers,[a]

flames of fire his servants.

5 He set the earth on its foundations;

it can never be moved.

6 You covered it with the watery depths as with a garment;

the waters stood above the mountains.

7 But at your rebuke the waters fled,

at the sound of your thunder they took to flight;

8 they flowed over the mountains,

they went down into the valleys,

to the place you assigned for them.

9 You set a boundary they cannot cross;

never again will they cover the earth.

Psalm 139:4-6   

4 Before a word is on my tongue

you, Lord, know it completely.

5 You hem me in behind and before,

and you lay your hand upon me.

6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,

too lofty for me to attain.


So while I am overwhelmed with emotions on my dad’s upcoming surgery, I am also grateful that I can be anchored in God’s Word.

It brings me such confidence knowing that my God created this world. I serve the God who created the stars, and CALLS THEM EACH BY NAME! Wow!

I serve the God who is in the wind, and who set the earth on its foundation so that it can NEVER be moved. The God who is Lord over the deepest waters and who knows me completely.

I hope that these scriptures can provide you with the same confidence I feel when I read them. These are just scriptures from the book of Psalms on God’s greatness. There are a ton more throughout the rest of the Bible, which I plan on compiling a list of on another blog post! What are some of your go to scriptures when you want to dwell on God’s greatness?


Amanda Elize ♥

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  1. Oh my, that is some heavy news your family got, but it is amazing how our bodies are designed to be resilient, isn’t it? I hope your dad’s upcoming surgery goes well, and that he makes a speedy recovery.

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