Decorating With Antique and Vintage Pieces, Made Easy!

How can I put this plainly? I love antiques! I grew up with antiques in my home and my love for these items has definitely carried over into my own style as they have found their way into our home. I didn’t always know how to incorporate them into our home, it has been a learning process in which I definitely feel I’ve gotten better at over time.

I grew up going to estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, trash digging (haha) my whole life with my mom in search of these items. My mom has great style which definitely rubbed off on me. In this post I’ll be sharing some ways that I like to use antique and vintage pieces in our home. I’ll also show a few ways that my mom incorporates these items into her home, because mama knows best!

Displayed on your wall


This is in my mom’s house, it is a piece she found at a thrift store that used to be a part of a dresser. She paid $15 for this. She wanted advice on what to put in the center of it, so we found those flowers that she had laying around the house and set them in the center! We loved how it came out!
This is a collage I put together in our family room. I found all of these items at a garage sale or thrift store. That mirror is my favorite piece, it is heavy solid wood. I found it at a garage sale for $3!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE wall collages. There is just something about gathering a group of items that don’t look like they go together and then arranging them in a way that fits perfectly. I like to decorate with a thrifty mindset. All of the items in both of these pictures are either from a garage sale or the thrift store. My mom and I LOVE thrifting! It’s one of our favorite things to do together, and something we’ve done since I was young. I think a staple item of any wall collage, be it in a living room, family room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. is a mirror. The reason I think this is because it breaks up space and provides an overall outlook of the room.

You don’t just have to use pictures in a collage. I use plates, windows, trays, signs with words, letters, etc. You can use anything that you can find. Make it fun and make it flow.

This is a wall collage in my mom’s kitchen. I love the pops of yellow. I also love how she used the wooden frame to add depth and texture to the collage.
This is a shelf with some antique and vintage looking items that is in our living room. The glass door knob is from a door in my parents home that was built in 1936


Re-purposing Items

I found this antique chair in the trash! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure 🙂


Another thing I like to try to incorporate in my home décor is repurposing. I found this chair in the trash. Yes, you saw that right, the trash. My husband makes fun of me, but I LOVE trash! Haha! Love it! We recently had a bulky item collection go through our neighborhood. This is one of my favorite times of the year, when everyone puts out their trash on their lawn to be picked up! I love to drive through the neighborhood and find my treasures. I’ve found so many unique pieces doing this. All you have to have is a little imagination and some elbow grease and you can make anything look beautiful. Anyway, when I saw this little beaten up treasure I knew that with a good clean up and sanding, it would look so beautiful and rustic in our home. I love finding pieces like this and repurposing it for a new function. You can do this with old ladders, benches, side tables, antique trays, even windows. All of which I have used in our home as decorations and will feature some other time on my blog (so you’ll just have to come back to see them hehe)!


Mix it with modern pieces

I may be weird, but I LOVE things that look old. Give me old, beaten up, bruised, faded all day, every day! My husband told me one day “The next house we get can be our dream home, a big house with everything new!” I looked at him and laughed and said “Ummmm, then it won’t be my dream home! My dream home would be a beaten up, 100 year old farmhouse!” and then he quickly came to his senses!


The reason I love old pieces (and houses) is because they speak volumes of character to me. I love the chips, scratches, and imperfections of old things. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside of my soul whenever I see something like this stool. Which happens to be something else my mom picked out of the trash (Don’t worry guys, we ALWAYS clean everything thoroughly and I never let me babes near these things, even AFTER they are cleaned).

For me, the chips and scratches add so much character to a piece like this!

Occasionally I will mix old pieces with newer pieces, like these chairs. When I do mix pieces, I always try to do it with a neutral palette. I love neutrals and they have a huge presence in our home. Neutrals also mix well with the wood tones that are in our home.

Mixing vintage pieces with modern pieces is easiest to do when you use neutral tones.


Neutrals + Wood tones = Love


…in my opinion!


These are just 3 simple ways I try to incorporate vintage looking items in our home. It can be so fun to build a wall collage that speaks to you and your style. Something I plan to feature some other time on my blog is a wall collage incorporating family pictures as well as antique items. Repurposing items like an antique chair, stool, or ladder is easy if you just use a little imagination. Keep it simple by not over cluttering these pieces. Lastly, incorporating modern pieces with your antiques is easiest when you use a neutral palette.


What are some other tips you would like to know about decorating with vintage looking pieces? Do you have an easy way that you mesh these unique pieces into your home décor?



Amanda Elize ♥

64 thoughts on “Decorating With Antique and Vintage Pieces, Made Easy!

  1. Your home looks amazing! I have my best luck mixing in things that either a) have sentimental value (e.g. some framed posters from regattas I rowed in over 2 decades ago), or b) are functional (e.g., an antique hutch that I stripped of its chipping paint and refinished – it now is a kitchen workhorse).

    1. It is so awesome to breath life back into an antique piece and make it not only beautiful, but functional in our homes as well!

  2. I love love love this!! You are so creative! Everything looks so beautiful you would never think it’s from the trash or thrift stores! Now you can teach me haha can’t wait for your next post!

    1. Haha thanks girl! I’m glad you liked this post so much! I’ll be doing a DIY entryway post in a few weeks which i’m sure you will love!

  3. I’m gathering up some item’s of new and old to make my picture collage wall. I’m totally excited! You’re an inspiration! I 💝 you!!

  4. Beautiful! As a mixed media collage artist, I can totally see this working in my home. Any tips on making this work in a home with very active, curious boys? I would need to make these wall collages very, very well-secured to the surface!

    1. haha! I know what you mean! I have a curious 3 year old and 10 month old. I actually let the 3 year old play with some of the antique pieces as long as they aren’t breakable. She knows the things that are off limits already though. Probably because i’ve been instilling it in her little mind since she was a baby lol the 10 month old is still learning!

  5. I have a piece just like the one your mom has on her wall and I can tell you it’s from the top of a dresser. I have always wanted to repaint the entire piece and maybe sell. My favorite piece in this post is that cute side table and it looks beautiful with those chairs!

    xo, Nicole

  6. Oh I loved all of these looks so much. We recently bought an old early 1900s farmhouse and I’ve been trying to curate a great mix of vintage pieces to incorporate into our decor style.

  7. Oh my goodness I so so love this post! Growing up I loved thrift store and antique shopping with my mom. It’s always so hard for me finding those few special pieces as opposed to hoarding everything I see that could work because I am know to think I need way more than I do hahaha! Thank you for the tips they will be so helpful when I get to start decorating g my new house!

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